jueves, 31 de agosto de 2017

Blythe helmet by B&ME

I love seeing Blythe dioramas and I was eager to make one of my own. The most difficult part was keeping the doll standing 😓 I attached a stick to her waist using tape and held it horizontally against the wall - even so, the balance was precarious at best.

Diorama for Blythe

You can find the mohair rabbit helmet in our Etsy shop. The doll's eyechips are No. 3 in the upper photo and No. 4 in the next photo.

Helmet for Blythe

The shelves were purchased from IKEA. All of the Harry Potter stuff is from Pistachito's. The felted mouse is sold by WoolPrettyToys. The shoes were bought off HelloCoolCat. The little teddy bear was purchased several years ago on Aliexpress. The dinosaurs are a gift from Malaga's Blythecon.

Diorama 1/6

I made the blue boxes using Photoshop and Silhouette. I downloaded the Blythe mini boxes from this web, improved them with Photoshop (mostly the colours of the pink one) and cut them using Silhouette. I also made the pictures of Peter Rabbit (I love him), the little books and the wooden wainscot.

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